Me and my beloved…

Sewing machine, oh how I love thee!

I cannot believe how easy a jelly roll quilt ‘race’ quilt top is to make. I won’t post a picture yet, as it’s not finished fully, but I absolutely will be doing more of these, and other types of quilts in the coming months. I must get hold of a walking foot for my machine though. I will wait and see how I get on with it before I start looking at new machines lol!

I also made a wee ‘hen’ for a friend who is the hen next weekend, it’s SO cute! If time allowed I’m make a whole clutch! I got the info how to make it here. I urge you to try one, they’re SO cute, great gifts! Jack loved seeing how it came together, I must say I didn’t realise how much enjoyment he’d get from seeing me make something from fabric. Another pro for me taking this break from work and indulging in my hobbies!


Jelly Rolls and marbles

Two lovely items arrived in the post this morning, a jelly roll and charm pack of 6″ fabric squares. This is the start of my foray into sewing and quilting. I’ve been refusing to let myself start on a jelly roll quilt top all day, instead I added content to a client’s website, and get the project done lol! This video gives a good idea of what I’m going to do with the jelly roll:

Jack and his classmates are all gone mad for marbles (all the mammies are short of a few at this stage I suspect – me included). He asked me yesterday if I would make him a marble bag for his collection. So this afternoon, we went and bought a zip, and using some denim fabric I have had for years, I ran up a basic pouch baggie for his marbles. It is big enough to be a pencil case if the glass ball infatuation dies out! He’s happy, I feel great for making something, and it felt good to blow the dust off the sewing machine! I put it away, I can’t start on my quilt top just yet!

Mothering Sunday

What a lovely long weekend I’ve just had. Leslie surprised us with Friday off work, so we had four days of family time. Sunday morning, I was presented with some lovely flowers, and a card from:

Jack and Adam and the fishies ?

Considering, I feed them and clean the tank, I suppose it’s only appropriate they were featured on the card 😉

Leslie then suggested we head off out to Powerscourt House & Gardens for the day, and as it was such a fabulously sunny day, how could I resist! I got to wander in the gardens, the boys had a lark pretending to be knights and all sorts, a browse in the shops (gotta love Avoca) and some delicious lunch which we got to eat out on the terrace as the sun was blazing down on us. A really lovely day. The whole day, I kept thinking that I really cannot wait to be finished with work projects, so that my weekends can be mine completely; no websites to design, no content to add, no stationery to print… Yes, I’ll have some of that 😉

I also got to indulge in visiting Tara’s Palace, if you haven’t been, GO… I adore everything about it, I’d love to shrink right down and be in the dollshouse, it’s just stunning!

So what will I fill all the time that I’m not being the goddess of mop and cooker? Well I’ve my eye on a few pairs of jeans that aren’t quite right, fit wise, and think I’ll chance using one to turn into a skirt… Who knows what will happen to the others! I’ve also got some fab fabrics en route, and a huge collection of buttons of all shapes & sizes coming… I’m going to chance making a quilt, and I also want to make a knitting bag for a dear friend who’s been bitten by the knitting bug but doesn’t have the suitable bag for storing her supplies… I’ve a stunning pattern ordered for this, and cannot WAIT to go shopping for fabrics… Oh the choices!

As for today, well I’m assembling a suite of wedding stationery, feeding the boys, keeping the house relatively tidy (the cleaning will have to wait till tomorrow morning), setting up a website for a client, and browsing Pinterest as my guilty pleasure!

Have a good day!

Irish Mammies & their sons…

So as much as I’d love to pretend it’s not the case, I’m an Irish Mammy with BOYS… I will do my best to avoid the stereotypical pitfalls of the situation, but I will admit, I love cooking for the men in my life (I’ll include my husband in that ;)).

Adam, the 2-year old, has a major thing for all things ‘treats’, anything from a lollipop through to a banana is a treat, however, he’s affectionately called the savage! However, all three of the men in the house ADORE Banana Bread (I do too, but I’m resisting for now), although Jack (the elder lemon) calls it toffee cake – he’d refuse to eat it if he thought it was banana he was eating!

As I had a friend popping in this morning for a catch-up, I decided to put on the oven, and make some Banana Bread, thus ensuring a lovely smell when she arrived (distraction from the state of the place at least) and something nice for her to munch on while supping a cuppa. It also meant that I’d have three men adoring me for being so nice and making, not one, but TWO loaves of their beloved Banana Bread! Strangely smiling at the alliteration there, and thinking back to my English class in school – how sad is that?

I spent a whole Summer making this Banana Bread every other day while working in a local coffee-craft shop. It’s a trusty favourite in the whole family, and is really so so simple to make. Recipe for Anna-Banana Bread is HERE 🙂

So, yes, I’m being a wholesome Irish Mammy and baking for her sons, but also for friends, family, anyone who’ll sit long enough for a chat and a cuppa… If you know where I live, what are you waiting for?



Anna-Banana Bread

I hated being called Anna-Banana growing up. I also dislike bananas *blush*, but I do love Banana Bread 😉



4oz margarine/butter, softened

6oz soft brown sugar

2 bananas (riper the better)

2 eggs

8oz self-raising flour (or 8oz plain flour and 2 tsp baking powder)

2oz chopped walnuts (optional)

2 tablespoons milk


  1. Preheat oven to Gas Mark 4/175°C/350°F.
  2. Cream the marg/butter and sugar well.
  3. Mash the bananas and add to the butter & sugar (or do as I do, and just throw the bananas into the mixer and let the beater blade do the mashing).
  4. Add in the eggs, milk and flour, mixing till combined fully.
  5. Pour into a greased & lined loaf tin and bake for 1 hour.
  6. Leave to cool if you can resist the smells – it slices better cold, but it’s amazing warm lol. Enjoy!