Itching to quilt

I haven’t done much sewing lately, other than repairing some of Leslie’s jeans 😉 I’m feeling that urge to make something now and I wonder how long it’ll take before I simply have to sit and succumb.

I suppose I should start thinking about possible presents (how many days to Christmas??) and I was also thinking I could make my Halloween costume for our annual neighbourly festivities 😉 I’m afraid if I start making a list I’ll end up with a crazy amount of ideas that will have to be dealt with… Such problems!

Everyone loves a wedding (cake)

I realised the other day that I haven’t blogged about any of the wedding cakes I’ve made. I tend to keep them for friends and family, otherwise I find I lose the love for it.

This year I’ve done a few 😉 but my favourites were the cakes I did for my darling friend and for my brother-in-law and his stunning bride.

They’re so different but equally beautiful, if I say so myself!

Kara & Max had an non-traditional looking wedding cake! I loved making this. I was trying to encapsulate Kara & Max and their personalities in a cake!


Robin & Lisa was far from traditional as well, and if you could imagine Lisa as a cake, this is what I think comes close!

I’m on the train home from work, so I won’t go into flavours and details!

A change is as good as a rest!

Well, so ‘they’ say anyway!

The changes in Domestic Engineering HQ have been pretty major in the last few weeks! For a start, schools are back! So Jack is back in Gaelscoil, and Adam has just finished his first week in Preschool! He’s in the High Scope (early Montessori) class in Tiddlywinks & Scallywags and is loving it! Jack spent two years in this preschool, and we love the place and the teachers! So fun times ahead for Adam!

NooglerOn top of schools starting back, I’ve also made some changes, in that I’ve returned to the workplace! Google to be specific 😉 For the moment, I’m in as a contractor, doing what I do and love best – content design & development. It’s just a phenomenal place to work, and I am somewhat stunned by myself, and how much I’m enjoying being out of the house! I’ve spent the last 5.5 years, happy to be at home, albeit running my own business, but at home all the same. It’s what we wanted as a family. However, when Google came knocking, I had to go for it… I mean, could anyone NOT be a Googler if given the option?

I'm a Googler!The place is like one big confidence boosting machine! I’m sure you have an idea of what I mean when I explain myself. I know I’m good at what I do, I know I’ve got talent and skills, but I don’t always believe it either, and I don’t always believe that others see my abilities and think ‘wow’, or even when they do tell me, I go all bashful 😉 However, as I discover more about Google, and why they wanted ME so much, I find myself having much stronger belief in all of the above. It’s a nice feeling, I must say 😉

So, I’m happy out at work, and on waking this morning, enjoying the early sunshine and reading the news and facebook on my phone, I discovered that the Blog Awards Ireland have released the short list of nominations for the upcoming awards. I was pleasantly surprised when I spotted Domestic Engineer listed under Best Personal Blog! I mean, WOW!

blog awards ireland

I wonder if I did the lotto this week, would I win, considering the way my life seems to be very lucky at the moment….