How to make it all work?


With life, work, and kids I mean?working-mothers-stress

I feel overwhelmed today with it all. It’s a new thing for me, being out in full-time employment with two kids. We’re still finding our feet with how it’s going work out, I guess. Right now, we’re feeling the strain with the kids night-time wanderings, on top of unexpected sicknesses (not serious, just usual childhood things)… how are we going to make it work? I’m feeling the stress of being in a new job, and having had to take unplanned days off, and I’m conscious of how we’ll end up with no annual leave left if this continues…

Perhaps I’m over-thinking it, loads of others manage, and continue successful careers, surely we can too?

My head hurts 👿

Maybe I should consider this for today:



To change or not to change…

That’s the question I’ve been considering lately. I considered moving my blog to a hosted system, so that it’d be free in terms of cost 😳 However, I have decided that I prefer the control I have, technically, over this self-hosted one, so I’ll take the financial hit for the address, and stick with this! It’s not much really, in the scheme of things, although, it’d pay for a nice bit of fabric 😆

Speaking of fabric, I’ve made a few purchases recently, but I’ll post more once I have the beauties in my mits!

I’ve also, finally, started quilting the kingsize quilt, the overdue Christmas present for my parents… So far I’ve done some straight-line quilting on the sashing, and chevron style on the blocks. I might do free-motion on the side borders, but I’ll see… I am really a ‘decide as I go’ sort when it comes to quilting!

I did whip up a lap quilt for a little friend of Jacks last week. Ruby was turning 6, and I decided she was the perfect recipient of some lovely Cath Kidson fabric I had in my stash. Cue a hectic hour of stitching, piecing, sandwiching, and quilting! It turned out lovely, and I think I may have brought about a redecoration project on her parents because of it… Whoopsie!

Quilt for Ruby

The next fortnight will be a bit crazy with two little boy’s birthdays and their parties… Cakes and stuff to follow I suppose 😉

Till next time!