What a charming idea!

I’ve been watching out for a swap I can take part in that’s fabric/sewing related! What do I spot this evening when I get home from work???? A fabby charm swap by Fluffy Sheep Quilting! Hopefully I got my name in on time, and I can start planning what to do with the charms I get 😉

Linkie for anyone who’s interested:

A doodle and a plug

Another mental mother (MM) asked me if I’d be able to help her with branding and techie help for her startup craft business. How could I refuse? Helping someone, doodling, and crafting related. Hopelessly hooked, I was!

The business is Betsy Grey Crafts, and Fiona is so talented! She’s got the Facebook page set up, so go take a look and like!

Here’s her logo:

Trying new things

I’ve never considered myself to be artistic (stop laughing, I HAVEN’T…. ) but I’ve always wanted to chance my arm at painting, sketching, doodling, etc…. I came across Zentangling (or Zendoodling, if you prefer) and I really like it. I haven’t bought any of the books, I feel I need to discover it for me, without looking at other peoples works if that makes sense. I have ordered some of the micron pens, and look forward to trying those out! Another aspect of this art-form is Mandala drawing and colouring. Think colouring for grown ups… It reminds me of the huge posters we used to get in school, which we coloured in with markers, mainly Celtic drawings, etc… The aim is to relax the mind and body, centre yourself, allow yourself to get a little lost, absorbed, and be creative…

I love that I can create something drawing-like, art even…. I’ve also started messing with paints …. which for me is WOW as I haven’t painted since I was in primary school, as well as sketching and colouring. Now, it’s more the act of relaxation that I get from it, as opposed to creating something, and the fact that I can take it with me, unlike my sewing machine! I’m definitely not brave enough to post pictures yet, but who knows in the future!

The main thing is that I’ve tried something new, something I believed was beyond me, and while it probably is beyond me truly, trying it and enjoying it is the result I am looking for!