Bee inspired!

Anyone watch the first episode of The Great British Sewing Bee yet? I watched it last night, and LOVED it! I adored the car fabric used for one of the skirts, really cute – and while I was watching the show, I spotted Plush Addict posting on Facebook that they stock the very fabric… Yippee!

I’m definitely inspired, I may have to try my hand at making a skirt for myself, and playing around with some t-shirt necklines 😉

If you’re also keen to chance your arm at something, but have no idea where to start, check out FairyFace Designs {Sew} Get Started Tutorials!

Bring it on!


Quilty until proven innocent!

Title suggested by a work colleague, and it made me laugh! It’s also very true in relation to a very delayed Christmas present… I decided last year that I wanted to make a king-size quilt for my parents as their Christmas present. Thanks to a lovely bout of orbital cellulitis right when I’d planned to finish it off in time for giving, I didn’t get it done, and it started to slip down the to do list 😳

I got myself back on track, however, and the quilt was finished last week, and it turned out really well. I delivered it to my parents at the weekend – just as they celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary! I’m claiming innocence, of course it was meant for their anniversary gift… 😉 😉

It fits their bed perfectly, and they’re really happy with it!

I call it ‘Yes Deer’

Yes Deer!