Spooling around

February 2014 Aurifil Bee Blocks

This month’s bee blocks were for Cindy @ Fluffy Sheep Quilting and are based on Aurifil spools, which, let’s face it are stunning themselves!

February 2014 Aurifil Bee Blocks
I am really dying to see what Cindy creates from all the blocks she gets, it’s going to be stunning! I’ve warned Cindy that I’m going to be creating a wall hanging using similar blocks at some stage in the future 😉



If you’re like me, you’re currently humming the theme tune to the X Files…

UFOs in the quilting world: UnFinished Objects, in other words, the projects that wave at you frantically every time you look at your machine, embarassing you when you list out the things you need to finish… gifts that are long overdue… yeah, that’s what this is! Recently, for me, I’ve been pretty ok with keeping the UFOs at bay, just by simply not starting projects (not sure which is worse lol!)… There has been one though, for the last 5 months, mortifying me whenever I thought about it, or mentioned it to a quilting friend, who would skit at me and ask have I not finished it yet… 😆

I finally got myself back at it though, and have since delivered it to my little nephew (who’s 5 months old)!

So in all it’s crinkly gloriousness, Ollie Pollie’s quilt has finally been moved off the UFO list!




The bees knees….

Oh what fun has been had in the last few months! I’m two months into the Modern Irish Bee! This year’s bee is all about the scraps! I’ll be Hive Mama in April, and I must admit I’m finding it hard to choose a block to go with… Watch this space though!

January’s block was once I really liked: colours with white and greys… I had to fussy cut a few cute little peeping faces, I mean how could you not???? Too cute! Ruth’s quilt is going to be gorgeous, I can’t wait to see all the blocks together!


A bee really is a great way to force yourself to open that ever-expanding scrap bag, rather than turning to the even-more-expanding fabric stash of FQs, etc!

I’m MILES behind in the medallion quilt along, so far behind that I haven’t started…. 😳  I have no excuse!

Next up will be a post about the few other bits I’ve been doing/finishing, and February’s bee block!