Bundles of bloggers…

I’ve been drooling over the Blogger Bundles on Pink Castle Fabrics and Fluffy Sheep Quilting. I mean, how could you not really?

Now I’m always seeing fabric I love, in fact, there’s very little I dislike 😉 Keeping track of the fabrics I like has become an issue though, and I usually just buy as I see, or need, or both…. lol! Seeing the blogger bundles got me thinking though, I should create groupings of fabrics I see and like (which is so dependent on mood – I’m not alone there, right?), so that I can revisit them when the funds allow purchases 😉 What better way to do that, than blog them 😀

I’m drawn to low-volume greys at the moment, so that’ll be my first one, watch this space 😀



Review of Sew Your Own Wardrobe #GBSB2014

Book cover

I was one of the lucky winners of a copy of the 2014 Great British Sewing Bee accompanying book: Sew Your Own Wardrobe by Tessa Evelegh. The competition was run by The Sewing Directory, and I was totally surprised when I got the message on Pinterest to say I’d won!!!

Published by Quadrille, the book is a nice hefty tome, with a separate slipcover which contains 5 HUGE pattern sheets! There are 24 garments to make using the book, yup, you heard me, 24 garments, the patterns and full instructions with really easy to follow images for all of them. There’s also a few other bits that you could make, but no patterns, so opening up the opportunity to just wing it somewhat!

Slipcover with patterns

Slipcover with patterns

The focus of the book, like the series, is on fabrics, and the behaviour of each. The patterns are ranked as easiest, easy, moderate, and tricky, with easiest being leggings/pencil skirt and others, and tricky being a 1960s coat and men’s trousers… Lots to consider, lots to try!

To use the patterns, you will have to trace or transfer (carbon paper on fabric), but it’ll give you great satisfaction (or maybe it’s just me on that one!)! As well as the patterns, there’s lots of useful sewing information, as I was reading it I was reminded of my Home Ec teacher from school 😉 I recalled how much I enjoyed making sense of a pattern for my Junior Cert project and making up palazzo pants and waistcoat with covered buttons (it was the 90s..!!!) The book has brought it all flooding back, the desire to run out and buy a pattern, just to get that rush when you slip it out of the sleeve and feel the lush pattern paper 😉


Oh Oh Oh Overlocker!

Tips and Threads

Pretty Pictures

I better not forget the imagery… There’s some really lovely photos:
including a nice few of Paddy – yes I’m a fan, I’ll admit it 🙂

Yum yum

Pretty Pretty Pictures 😉

Wrap Dress

It’s a wrap!

I have the book a few days now, and it’s sat with me each evening after work, and I’ve really loved going through it, picking up snippets of information every time I read it. I haven’t quite decided what I’m going to try first… It’ll likely be one of the skirts, since I should probably start off on the easiest level 😉 The wrap dress is calling me though! I might do a blog post following the progress….

I’ve been really impressed with the book as a whole. I didn’t purchase the 2013 book, but based on this one, I think I’ll have to! I will definitely be trying some of the patterns, and while I might not use all the fabrics in the book (neoprene hmm), it’s interesting to see the uses and information about how to work with the fabrics…

If you’re not sure about making the purchase, I’d go beg your local library to get it in, so you can have a goo before committing… I can recommend it, it’s all about pushing yourself, so I say go buy the book and push yourself to try sewing at least one item for your own wardrobe!


Thanks again to The Sewing Directory and Quadrille Publishing.

You can buy the book in all good bookstores, and it’s on sale at the moment on The Book Depository

Follow Up

As I stated, I haven’t tried any of the patterns in the book yet, but was very interested to read this review on Craft Candy. I’ll still try some patterns, but I will definitely be looking online whilst doing so, and possibly go with buying an individual, tried and tested, pattern for some of the more detailed projects…



50 shades of quilting…

I love colour, I also love monochrome… I’d love more time to indulge I’m quilting both… I got an urge to sew the other day, but I couldn’t decide what…. So I grabbed a roll up/jelly roll that’s been in my stash for 2 years, and figured I’d just do what I knew would satisfy my need to sew: sew and see fast 😉 I went with the jelly roll quilt race top, and felt so much better when I finished!

Fifty Shades of Grey

I haven’t decided how I’ll finish off the top, but no doubt inspiration will hit me soon 😉