Irish Mammies & their sons…

So as much as I’d love to pretend it’s not the case, I’m an Irish Mammy with BOYS… I will do my best to avoid the stereotypical pitfalls of the situation, but I will admit, I love cooking for the men in my life (I’ll include my husband in that ;)).

Adam, the 2-year old, has a major thing for all things ‘treats’, anything from a lollipop through to a banana is a treat, however, he’s affectionately called the savage! However, all three of the men in the house ADORE Banana Bread (I do too, but I’m resisting for now), although Jack (the elder lemon) calls it toffee cake – he’d refuse to eat it if he thought it was banana he was eating!

As I had a friend popping in this morning for a catch-up, I decided to put on the oven, and make some Banana Bread, thus ensuring a lovely smell when she arrived (distraction from the state of the place at least) and something nice for her to munch on while supping a cuppa. It also meant that I’d have three men adoring me for being so nice and making, not one, but TWO loaves of their beloved Banana Bread! Strangely smiling at the alliteration there, and thinking back to my English class in school – how sad is that?

I spent a whole Summer making this Banana Bread every other day while working in a local coffee-craft shop. It’s a trusty favourite in the whole family, and is really so so simple to make. Recipe for Anna-Banana Bread is HERE 🙂

So, yes, I’m being a wholesome Irish Mammy and baking for her sons, but also for friends, family, anyone who’ll sit long enough for a chat and a cuppa… If you know where I live, what are you waiting for?


Sweet temptations

I’m on a weight loss buzz at the moment, and this particular week is torturous for me. I have been baking and making all sorts of low-carb and low-fat goodies, and while they’re hitting the mark and allowing me to have something sweet and delish without weight gain, I’m craving cheesecake and chocolate like a mad yoke this week.

While on Pinterest, browsing, a few minutes ago, I encountered a link to this blog and oh crumbs I’m drooling… I will resist, but bookmark for future reference 😉

To try to assist me from running straight out to buy chocolate, I’ve made some delicious cream of courgette soup (click for the recipe) and some fat-free yogurt sugar-free jelly cheesecake mousse-like pot (sugar-free jelly made with 1/2 pint of boiling water, natural yogurt to bring it up to a pint, a few drops of cheesecake flavour – I use Lorann Oils – and leave to set)…