It’s a constant battle for me, to keep up on blogging, I want to blog regularly, I really do! Life keeps getting in the way though πŸ˜‰

So much has changedΒ in our lives! We’ve moved back to Kerry, where my family is from, and we’re in the process of looking at building our forever home! It’s hard to believe how much we’ve achieved in the last 9 months. Both Leslie and I have sold our house in 4 months, we moved our family across the country, and brought both of our jobs with us. I don’t think we ever thought we’d manage it, but we have, and it feels good to have done it! It was reasonably ok, stress-wise, I found the waiting for offers on the house the hardest part, and I will admit I reached my limit the weekend before we got the offer we accepted, I regret not holding on just a bit longer and keeping my cool, but hey! We’re close to my parents, and extended family now, which is lovely for the boys, and us πŸ˜‰ We’ve spent so much time romping across fields, swimming in both the Shannon and the Atlantic, having relaxed afternoons with barbecues, and no need to travel 2.5 hours home… Bliss!

I’ve got my own room too! I work from home now, so I needed a space for myself, and I have it now! I am slowly catching up on the Modern Irish bee blocks I’m WAY behind on, and I’ve a big list of quilty plans!

I’ll have to do a post in the next few days with all the bits and pieces I’ve sewn in the last few months!


We’re upwardly mobile!

We put our house on the market at the end of February, 2 months later accepted an offer, and we’re now in the final stages of closing the sale. It means we’re leaving estate living behind us (perhaps for now, or maybe forever), and are quite excited about it. We’ve located a lovely rental property out in the country, where we’ll get the peace and tranquility we’ve craved for a while now… it’s hard to get that in the middle of an estate!

I’m starting to feel giddy at the prospects of getting my own space in the new house, there’s a lovely room which will become MY sewing room, so I’m very excited at finally getting somewhere to retreat to, to sew without taking over the kitchen table (and the kitchen)… It also means some purchases are necessary, so shopping yay! The boys get to have their own den as well, in another room, which means we can contain all their toys to that space on the most part πŸ˜‰

There’s a lot of trepidation though, we’re leaving the home we created for our family, and I’m sure as the time comes near, there’ll be tears and emotions around that. It’s paired with excitement and positivity though, we’re moving on for a better space and better life for us all, and we’re doing it together.





Bundles of bloggers…

I’ve been drooling over the Blogger Bundles on Pink Castle Fabrics and Fluffy Sheep Quilting. I mean, how could you not really?

Now I’m always seeing fabric I love, in fact, there’s very little I dislike πŸ˜‰ Keeping track of the fabrics I like has become an issue though, and I usually just buy as I see, or need, or both…. lol! Seeing the blogger bundles got me thinking though, I should create groupings of fabrics I see and like (which is so dependent on mood – I’m not alone there, right?), so that I can revisit them when the funds allow purchases πŸ˜‰ What better way to do that, than blog them πŸ˜€

I’m drawn to low-volume greys at the moment, so that’ll be my first one, watch this space πŸ˜€




50 shades of quilting…

I love colour, I also love monochrome… I’d love more time to indulge I’m quilting both… I got an urge to sew the other day, but I couldn’t decide what…. So I grabbed a roll up/jelly roll that’s been in my stash for 2 years, and figured I’d just do what I knew would satisfy my need to sew: sew and see fast πŸ˜‰ I went with the jelly roll quilt race top, and felt so much better when I finished!

Fifty Shades of Grey

I haven’t decided how I’ll finish off the top, but no doubt inspiration will hit me soon πŸ˜‰