It’s a constant battle for me, to keep up on blogging, I want to blog regularly, I really do! Life keeps getting in the way though 😉

So much has changed in our lives! We’ve moved back to Kerry, where my family is from, and we’re in the process of looking at building our forever home! It’s hard to believe how much we’ve achieved in the last 9 months. Both Leslie and I have sold our house in 4 months, we moved our family across the country, and brought both of our jobs with us. I don’t think we ever thought we’d manage it, but we have, and it feels good to have done it! It was reasonably ok, stress-wise, I found the waiting for offers on the house the hardest part, and I will admit I reached my limit the weekend before we got the offer we accepted, I regret not holding on just a bit longer and keeping my cool, but hey! We’re close to my parents, and extended family now, which is lovely for the boys, and us 😉 We’ve spent so much time romping across fields, swimming in both the Shannon and the Atlantic, having relaxed afternoons with barbecues, and no need to travel 2.5 hours home… Bliss!

I’ve got my own room too! I work from home now, so I needed a space for myself, and I have it now! I am slowly catching up on the Modern Irish bee blocks I’m WAY behind on, and I’ve a big list of quilty plans!

I’ll have to do a post in the next few days with all the bits and pieces I’ve sewn in the last few months!